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Hi Fit Soul Boss! And welcome, we are so glad you are here.

We are Lori and Michelle fitness and lifestyle coaches. Self-love and mindset mentors. We coach female entrepreneurs and moms how to successfully become fabulously fit in all parts of life from staying in shape, eating a well-balanced diet to feel good while creating a life they desire.

We help heart-centered, motivated women entrepreneurs, aspiring ones and moms to stop dieting, to workout less, to end the obsession with trying to be perfectly healthy and start loving their bodies now so they can have more time and happiness to live the life they want.

Looking to make a change in your life and not sure where to start? Trying to be consistent with your workouts, trying to be happy, trying to be more beautiful, more confident?

We are here to help soul sister.

Anything we ever want to change begins from within. And just as we need the tools to change on the outside, having the tools to change on the inside is more important than anything. We are here to help you find your inner strength to accomplish anything you want in life.

Help women create lasting self-confidence in themselves to make wise choices today and for the road ahead.

You make these healthy lifestyle choices out of love because you love your body. Start to learn and trust your body. We want you to be making choices that are fun and inspiring helping you live your beautiful life so you want to do it day after day.

We are on a mission to help girls rediscover their self-worth.

Where we teach you to do less and live more.

Our journey to get to the place where we are today was full of struggles, pain, and frustration. We had a lot of digestive issues from excess bloating, major constipation, and skin issues. Lori battled adult acne for 5 years (and suffered from diastasis postpartum) and Michelle battled eczema for 3 years.

We had to learn to love ourselves despite what we looked like. Having the support of the other helped us get through those tough days. During our darkest moments, we kept telling ourselves we are going through this for a reason. We started shifting our perspective to focus more on our happiness and faith instead of focusing on our sufferings.

We knew we were meant for bigger things.

We proudly can say that we’ve found balance after fighting for so long. We are here to help you with your fitness, body, and mind  We want to help you reach your goals. We don’t want you to go through what we did: the struggle of not knowing what to do for your workouts, not knowing what or how to eat, and completely lost.

Now we get to spread the love with other women who are suffering from the same. We are grateful for our job so we can continue to spread the love.

From our sufferings we started a blog to share our journey then became certified personal trainers and lifestyle coaches.

Stick with us and learn how to love your whole self all the way down to your inner core.

From this day forward consider yourself part of our sisterhood.

If you are eager to transform your life, mind, and body we can help.

We have a few coaching programs that were inspired by our own struggles, experiences, and triumph to the other side.

Guess what! Success is found in your daily routine. I do not know about you, but I know for me that the easier I make things, the more I will be willing and able to implement them until they become daily habits.

Seeing our impact on my clients in helping them realize that them reaching their dreams, getting the body and life they love doesn’t have to be so damn hard or confusing .. we want to help you do the same!

We want to help you get to your dreams and become positive in all parts of your life mentally and physically.

We will be your trainers, your coaches, your friends, your supporter, your motivator, and your sister.

We’re a bit of a food and fitness rebels. We’ve always done things differently.

We’re not like any other coaches out there. We are food lovers. We don’t believe in diets or deprivation.

We think exercise should be fun and attainable.

We realized we can eat dessert, workout less (and smarter) to maintain a strong, lean body and positive mindset year round.

We’re Lori and Michelle, welcome to our coaching site.

Twins, certified personal trainers (NASM and ACE), striving to live a happy healthy life through a natural diet and lifestyle. Creators of Purely Fit Life Online Fitness Sisterhood for spiritual female girl bosses and mom bosses. 

Join our Purely Twins Sisterhood. We believe everyone needs to find what works for them through self-experimentation.

We guide women just like you to end the struggle with trying to have a perfect body, perfectly healthy with their food by rediscovering their self-worth and loving their bodies now and what they truly what and how to get it.


Lori and Michelle 

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